Sheena Bourn

Solo Exhibition June 2013
The Birley Centre, Carlisle Rd, Eastbourne, BN21 4JY Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 4pm.
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Artist Statement by Sheena Bourn BA

I am working on a series of paintings of the pier. The canvases are drawn from a variety of positions, at different times of day and at different tide levels, through all the seasons.

I love to create strong colourful compositions. The quantity of supports, interesting shapes and lighting effects are an inspirational subject to me. I adjust the colour on the canvases to enhance the perspective and sunlight effects. The quality of the composition increases with the inclusion of the painted box canvas edges. ( also drawn on site) Similar to liquorice allsorts, the box canvases should be viewed at an angle too, as they have become three dimensional subjects in their own space. This means that a single photograph cannot convey the image in its entirety. The viewer needs to move in front of them to engage with the changing composition on the three dimensional surfaces.

I am developing a variety of combined canvases to explore the visual interplay of surface and edges.

The new images will be regularly uploaded to this website.
I invite you to email me with your reactions. Sheena Bourn.

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