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Come Home

My Girl Says

The Dolphin Song

Cowboy song

I Was Talking To

Harmonica idea 1

Going On A Holiday

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Harmonica idea 3

Tell Me A Secret

Hey Baby

I'd like To Tell You

Standing In A Dark Valley

Sunday Morning

Dreams Of Love

Face The Fax - Jam session

Sounds Like REM - Jam session

Come Home Original - Jam session









Come Home

Earlier version

Come Home Original


This is a fast feel good pop song with lyrics about being left behind in the real world while one's partner gets absorbed in to the virtual one.


Story Behind the Song



I wrote this song after spending too much time playing a computer game called "Unreal Tournament" online, also one of my girlfriends had called herself a Cubase Widow, (Cubase is a program for writing music using a computer). I was struck too by the way in which we see computers as a hi tech device for giving satisfaction to our more base tendencies, (sex and violence), and how it can also be used in our search for romantic illusions, such as romantic relationships on the web. I had heard of a few marriages coming to a sticky end as a result of one of the partners surfing off with someone else.

When we wrote this song Cormac had come over and we were ploughing through song ideas. Normally we'd get 10 ideas down per day and "Come Home" was just 1 of 10 that day. The way we worked was to leave the microphone on and the recorder running continually so that what ever happened got captured. Cormac would play a tune and I would ad lib in to the mic. Almost all of the words to come home (except the last verse) were written there and then.

To hear the recording of us creating the song click here

From that point the song was taken by several producers and finally the one by Alistair McMillan (He who has produced Enya, U2, and Mark Knopfler) was chosen.

Come Home

Lyrics by Simon Smith (c)2000 London


I've walked down the computer game roads

Of your mind,

In the darkness of night I've

Crept up behind,

And grabbed you round the waist and said,

"Come back now in to our bed"

"Leave those monsters to fight alone now darlin' "

"Come back home my darling."


I've walked down the corridors of your mind

Why do you want to leave your life behind?


I've walked down the computer game roads of your mind,

In the darkness of night I felt you leave me behind,

From the wasted cities of the web

Come back now into our bed

Without your heart its not a home my darling

Please come home darling


I walked down the corridors of your mind

Why do want to leave your life behind


Oh Baby come home now

Take the modem from the phone now

Please come home my love


If you don't care then I don't mind

I walked down the corridors of your mind

Watched you flying on the line

I walked down the corridors of your mind

Why do you want to leave your life behind?

Hey girl

watched you flying on the line

watched you flying on the line

Please come home my love

Please come home my love


Much of this song was produced during The Frankie Miller Songwriting Project.

Credits: Words and vocal melody Simon Smith, Music Cormac O'Kane, Production Alistair McMillan, Backing Vocals Brendan Guyatt, Lorraine Edwards and Denise Wint, Guitars Cormac O'Kane and Alistair McMillan, Bass and keyboards Cormac O'Cane



My Girl Says



My girl says

Get out of bed and wash your hair

(I stumble and fall)

Time is moving on

For playing about and singing your songs

Time is moving on

For laying around your whole life long

(We lie beside each other through the night)

And we laugh as the fishes on the plate smile back in the morning light

And in the morning I will not be found

My love is not forever and a day

Do not expect to find me here

(Is it for me you cry at night
or is it a ghost out of sight?)

My message is clear

Stuck to you

My message is clear

Stuck to you

Stuck to you

Fly away

I can't see if the sun ain't gonna shine with me

Stuck to you

Well the rain poured down upon the sea of Galilee

And we laugh ‘til the fishes on the plate smile back in the morning light

And we laugh ‘til the fishes on the plate smile back in the morning light

Wash your hair

Stuck to you

Stuck to you

My message is clear

Stuck to you

Stuck to you



Dolphin Song


Blue and red lights in my head

As the lighthouse lights up your bed

Dolphins swim and sing out your name

As we sail around this dream again


Take me back to your place

Wrap me up in a dream space

I live in fear of everything

When you're not here


Simon Smith 2001



Going on a Holiday



We're going on a holiday

For a week or two

Gonna run away

From the real me and you

Gonna see some sights

Gonna have some fun nights


We're going on a holiday

For a year or two

We're gonna stop swimming in this

Life of blue

[ different section kicks in ]

We're gonna swim in the red sea

Gonna make love eternally

We're gonna brush our hands upon

The long grass of song

All summer long


We're gonna ride an internet love

We're gonna ride forever our love

‘Gonna dance in circles around a tree

‘Gonna carve your love eternally

[ different section kicks in ]

And I know we're gonna have a real good time

In this eternal summer time


[ break ]


We're gonna watch the sun go down

Gonna feel the water swirl around our feet

Dancing people in the town square

Doing the waltz everywhere


Gonna go away

Get away today

Gonna love eternally

Let's go on our holiday

Holiday, Holidayayyyy, Holiday


We're gonna go away

Leave this world behind

Had enough of all those

people so unkind


hhhhhmmm yeah


I hope you don't mind

I'll send you a card

Come and see me some time

Don't work too hard



I Was Talking To



I Was Talking To Bruce Springsteen

And he said to me

That he don't like Pink Cadillacs

He wasn't born to be free

He's not sure after all if it's the land of the free


I was talking to Elvis

He said he prefers a Big Mac

To McDonalds any day, now

He don't like to play now


I was talking to Winston Churchill

Says he only smokes cigars

To rid his mouth of

Words that were aimed to kill


I was talking to Marilyn

Says she don't like that sex thing

Says she'd like to just cuddle up

With a president and a cup




Tell Me A Secret



Oh I'd like to tell you how I feel

But my days are dead

And my mouth is sealed

I'd like to

Whisper to you

But I know if you're there

That you won't care

But I'll wait

Wait here

Again and again.


But I'll have to

Though I wouldn't know

If it hurt my fingers so

Just to be

I'll take your word for it

I used to wonder why

I felt so sad

You still ask the old man

If they could tell me a secret

If he could tell me how to keep it

If they could help me through

But life goes on

And sadness falls

Around your feet

Like a flag

That's faded to a sheet

Like a dance

You point your finger

To friends in the sky

I stand still

I weave a dance around

Dance around you


Well they dance around me

Their faces lit by the fire


Simon Smith 2001




Hey Baby


Hey Baby

I'd like to know

What you want

Like to know

If you'll be with me


Hey baby

Where do you go

Don't know if you'll

Be with me


Hey Baby

What do you see?

When you see your eyes

Looking at me?



I'd Like To Tell You



I'd like to tell you how I feel

But you've been away from my heart for too long

I'd like to hold

Forever and a day

But you'll leave me anyway


I'd like to tell you how I feel

But I know your love ain't real

I'd like to hold you

Forever and a day

But tomorrow you'll be gone away


I'll travel to the North of this island

I'll travel to the South of your hometown

I'll travel to the East of our private garden

And West wards the light will fade


I'd like to tell you how I feel

But our love ain't real

I'd like to tell you long times will come

But will you be the one


I've come to you in a dream

To tell you that things ain't what they seem

I've come to you in a darkest night

Baby I'll need you to hold me tight


I don't know where we're going now

I don't know if we'll travel far and wide

But I've got this feeling

About you and I

It hurts me deep inside

So reach out to me

Tell me your story

Tell me that you love

Let me feel your breath

Upon my face

Do you hold me in your heart

I'd like to tell you how I feel

But I'm not sure if this love's real

I'm not sure if this love's real


So hold me tonight

Hold me ‘til the light of dawn

Hold me ‘til

Our love is torn away

Our love will time the sun

Our love will ride away

With your dream shine



Standing In A Dark Valley



I'm standing in a dark valley

Watching a hundred planes fly by

Passing around a red sky


You look at me

I look at you

We don't know

What's left to do


Everybody's running around

People trying to find the ground

Don't know what to do

With these words for you


Smell something's in the air

People running everywhere

Hold my hand and run

Run towards the sun


Batman baby

Where were you

When I needed you?

Batman baby

It's so strange that the devil came true


Saw you whisper something to a man

I never knew before

Never even saw him before

Where did all the strangers come from?

Why can't I hear them speak?

Where did they come from?

I will have to search

Through the darkness of this valley night

Thought I was a safe

Within your hand so tight

Looked out to sea

Only to be held by a memory

Looked out to sea

And you were gone


Batman baby

Could have done with you

Where were you when I needed you?


I heard a scientist say

That it takes

15 minutes

For your mind to

Fade away

15 minutes to go

There's something I want to know

You were a friend

Drove me round the bend

And I didn't even know where we're going

When I found my way back

You were at your wedding

Down the track

You waved to come on in

My friend

You put your arm out to hold me

Had to say it felt risqué

Jumping on a moving train

Jumping on and off a train


1 minute to go

I feel like I'm at a show

Watch you go

In to the darkness you flow

Never to be seen again

Thank you for being a friend

Glad you were a friend

Even if you drove me round the bend.




Sunday Morning



Sunday Morning clouds blow away

I look across my bed

And see you

Oh baby I'd like to hold you

But I don't want you to wake

I let the sun come shining through

And let the course of true love take


Oh baby I'd like to hold

And feel the sun on our bodies

Oh baby I'd like to hold

And feel you close to me

Oh feel the heat between us

Feel your touch so tenderly

And darling I know

The Sunday morning has to go

But hey hold me close


The Sunday morning walk though the park

Kick those leaves around

Sunday morning hold me tight

Kiss me while the rain comes down


Sunday afternoon

Let's pop in and see some friends

Let's eat ice creams

Until we get to the end






Dreams Of Love



It is a dream to be loved

By one

It is a dream of love

To be loved





Well it's a dream

That's lost in me

To be loved











Face The Fax


Well it could have been

The way you move me

Well sometimes you have to face the facts

You have to look at your computer

And you have to get that answer from going

You have to understand

Why your speakers cut out

Why your computer don't work

Why your girl friend went away

Why the sun shines

Why you get up each day

And you have to work out

Why you want to live

Why you want to walk

Through the rain in summer days

And why winter days feel snug

And the summer days sometimes bring bad luck

And you need to know why the sun don't shine all the time

I didn't like to leave you alone

And I don't why

Those speakers cut out like that

And I don't know why

Our love just cut out so fast

And I have to wonder

What Elvis would do

If he was here


Sounds Like REM

Could have been love

Could have been the son

You never had

Could have been

Sounding like


Could have had Michael

Singing this song

Right now my voice

Sounds like him


I can hear myself

Sounding like them

Right now I sound

More like him

Than me


So what will you do

Where will you go

How will you move

At least let me

Give you a map

Of the way

Out of here