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The Frankie Miller Project

In 2001 I started working with Cormac O'Kane. He became a coordinator for the Frankie Miller Project (Wiki info) and invited me to be a part of it. This meant having two of my songs produced by Grammy award winning producers (Peter Henderson and Alistair McMillan) and having my songs put on a showcase CD. The rest is history... I am still a songwriter of nil repute, however I continue to be driven to share my suffering with the rest of the world. A problem shared is, as I often demonstrate, a problem doubled.

Needless to say the experience was a good one, and with two well produced songs and an almost finished video I feel honoured to have been part of the project and my thanks goes out to all those involved especially Cormac O'Kane, and Denise Boyle for introducing Cormac and I in the first place.



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Come Home Final Version

Declans mix of come home and the instrumental version of Declan's version


Gritty Video

For You








Come Home

Earlier version

Original - recorded as it was made up -.

This is a fast feel good pop song with lyrics about being left behind in the real world while one's partner gets absorbed in to the virtual one.

Story Behind the Song

I wrote this song after spending too much time playing a computer game called "Unreal Tournament" online, also one of my girlfriends had called herself a Cubase Widow, (Cubase is a program for writing music using a computer). I was struck too by the way in which we see computers as a hi tech device for giving satisfaction to our more base tendencies, (sex and violence), and how it can also be used in our search for romantic illusions, such as romantic relationships on the web. I had heard of a few marriages coming to a sticky end as a result of one of the partners surfing off with someone else.

When we wrote this song Cormac had come over and we were ploughing through song ideas. Normally we'd get 10 ideas down per day and "Come Home" was just 1 of 10 that day. The way we worked was to leave the microphone on and the recorder running continually so that what ever happened got captured. Cormac would play a tune and I would ad lib in to the mic. Almost all of the words to come home (except the last verse) were written there and then.

From that point the song was taken by several producers and finally the one by Alistair McMillan (He who has produced Enya, U2, and Mark Knopfler) was chosen.

Come Home

Lyrics by Simon Smith (c)2000 London

I've walked down the computer game roads

Of your mind,

In the darkness of night I've

Crept up behind,

And grabbed you round the waist and said,

"Come back now in to our bed"

"Leave those monsters to fight alone now darlin' "

"Come back home my darling."

I've walked down the corridors of your mind

Why do you want to leave your life behind?

I've walked down the computer game roads of your mind,

In the darkness of night I felt you leave me behind,

From the wasted cities of the web

Come back now into our bed

Without your heart its not a home my darling

Please come home darling

I walked down the corridors of your mind

Why do want to leave your life behind

Oh Baby come home now

Take the modem from the phone now

Please come home my love

If you don't care then I don't mind

I walked down the corridors of your mind

Watched you flying on the line

I walked down the corridors of your mind

Why do you want to leave your life behind?

Hey girl

watched you flying on the line

watched you flying on the line

Please come home my love

Please come home my love


Much of this song was produced during The Frankie Miller Songwriting Project.

Credits: Words and vocal melody Simon Smith, Music Cormac O'Kane, Production Alistair McMillan, Backing Vocals Brendan Guyatt, Lorraine Edwards and Denise Wint, Guitars Cormac O'Kane and Alistair McMillan, Bass and keyboards Cormac O'Cane





The Story Behind the Song

It's about how relationships go through problems and how during these times we often say what we don't really want to say. It's also about the fear that often sits in the background of our relationships and the desire to be known both in our good and bad guises.


I was lying on the road
Looking at my skin
I said hey baby
Will you come and look in?

I was pleading don't you leave me
I was begging you don't forsake me
I could tell the sight weren't pretty
But sometimes love gets gritty

I was lying beside you
Through a long dark night
I was holding your hand oh so tight
I was thinking about you leaving
About you going away
You woke to find me praying begging you to stay

Love it's a dark time
So love welcome to my dark mind

I was walking a long road
Trying to find my way
I was telling you to go
But hoping you would stay
I was giving you this shit
'Cause you'd given some to me
I was blinding you with words
But hoping you'd see through me
But sometimes love gets gritty


Copyright Simon Smith London 14 August 1995
Produced by Peter Henderson
Words Music and Main Vocals Simon Smith,
Backing vocals Katrina Rubolowska,
Saxophone Chris White
Drums Chris Whitten
Guitars Calum McCall, Mark Bandola and Trevor Warren,
Bass John Brockhouse ,
Keyboard programming Simon Smith and Peter Henderson




( Original Version )

I wrote this about my sons, when I wrote it I'd just seen them on a scan.


The first time I saw you baby
You were lying in a pool
The image remaining hazy
As summer dreams always do
I was trying to contact you
I was trying to Visualise living with you
My loves I could feel you calling
Swimming around my heart
I could hold you forever
And we'd never part
I'll be flying for you
I'll be crying for you
I'll be dancing, singing,
Loving living
For you my love you my love.

I was calling from
A staircase in my mind

You were stretched across
The skies of dreams I'd left behind
You were spinning around
Like a bridal gown
Like a shadow moves on open ground
Like a summers swirling cloud of rain
Like an angel comes to live again
I was trying to throw you words
Like I catch a ball [I'm hopeless at catching balls]
I was trying to get through life
By not living at all, but now
I'm flying for you
I'm crying for you
I'm dancing, singing,
Loving living for you
My loves......