I occassionally write for some of the disability magazines and below are a couple of examples.

The HAHA review is a review of Steve Dwoskin's book of surrealist writing (what ever that means) and photo montages. The article appeared in a magazine which is now defunct but was at the time a slick arts magazine called Disability Arts Magazine (or DAM).

The other article appeared in  Disability Arts In London  (DAIL), and looks at how music  technology influences and liberates cultures within society.

The mouth and foot article is a critical look at the mouth and foot painters association and appeared in Dail and formed the basis of a couple of TV programs about the organisation..

The gridlock article is a review of Ben Elton's book Gridlock.

And the "Out of ourselves" one is about disability art, and some of the issues I faced when being part of a disability art exhibition.

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