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Let's Ride Snowboarding Camps


Let's Ride Snowboarding camps main photo of members having fun on a snow covered mountain

Ever thought 'I wish I could ride like them'
Well now you can!!!

Come spend a whole week with like minded people who share the same passion. Riding all week with a qualified Instructor, doing powder days, tree runs, taking any steeps on with ease, riding like a pro!

2014 15th Feb 2014

For 2014 we're charging just €100 to join the group. You make your own way and get your own accomodations then meet up with like minded people who share the same passion you have for snowboarding! To Hire an instructor all day, every day, would cost a fortune from a local school, however to have one at your own disposal would benefit ten fold at a fraction of the cost, and within just a week together your standard of riding will improve dramatically.

After a whole week riding with a CASI (Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors) qualified instructor, you will take your riding skills to a new level that previously you would never believed possible. This doesn't involve boring structured lessons, where most of the time you sit on your bum waiting to have your 5mins of riding (we've all been there!), but riding all day, whilst getting tips and suggestions of techniques aimed at your particular needs. As everyone learns by a different method rather than a blanket lesson.

CASI's ethos is mileage, mileage, mileage!

You learn by doing, so the whole day is spent riding to the max, and above all having a fun, making new riding buddies and in the evening eating together at a local restaurant, then free to party all night or take in the local atmosphere. Meet for breakfast at the the best breakfast in town, then hit the hill for another days riding..

There are no set dates, just as and when numbers dictate, find a resort and just meet on a Saturday night.

The standard required is to be able to turn consistently, understand edge control and be comfortable riding Red Runs. The rest you will gain.
Also beginners can be catered for if enough interest.

Please drop me an email or call and have a chat.

Life is full of adventures to experience

LETS RIDE !!!!!!!!