Clare Lewis







Clare Lewis is a visual artist who works in a range of mediums as a sculptor, creating site-specific installations and as a photographer and video maker.

Concerned with transition, particularly the passage from life to death, her current work explores the areas of the threshold and the ‘Liminal' - a psychological or metaphysical intermediate state characterized by ambiguity, openness, and indeterminacy.

“I am interested in external places where transitions take place and also the effect of transition upon our internal psychological spaces during the journey we make as individuals within our life passage.”

Through haunting images of urban and rural scenes, she evokes a sense of fleeting personal memories, combining in a wider reflection of a Sublime universal landscape.

The transitory nature of her work offers a range of experience: a sense of suspension, anxiety and loss, or converse feelings of discovery and enlightenment in the human traces observed in the spaces we travel through. Focusing on snapshot moments of time, she contrasts the fragile and transitory nature of life experience against an unseen eternal continuum, offering a reflection on the flux and flow of life, its beauty and fragility and the possibility of transcendence.