Pictures from micro teaching session



Back to back exercise

Norma discusses flower arrangements

The class listen attentively (to the traffic passing) as we shall see when it comes to their hands on attempts.


Hands on session (Classic position)

Norma demonstrates cutting (the light is actually her aura)

James does not appreciate Marike's design

James has a suggestion for improvement

James sees the post modernistic humour in Marike's witty design

The group on the left know they have won and are celebrating

the slower group try hard to catch up

A heated (by the sunlight) debate on speed versus quality ensues

Jackie explains the importance of the colour wheel - notice Billie Jean surreptitiously trying to finish off

Dermot and colour wheels

Dermot is pleased as punch to find out his wheel has won FIRST PRIZE,
Marike's wheel has spokes because being of Dutch ancestry she has an affinity with bicycles.

Billie-Jean tries desperately not to have a go at trying the martial arts technique Simon is getting her to
demonstrate out in real time.