Using Social Networking to Develop an Audience
(An Introduction)

Simon Mark Smith has developed an audience of over 100,000 followers in just over a year. He has spent much of that time learning how to use social networking to engage with people and develop a following. This introduction will give you an insight in to this process.







Students should be proficient at using a computer, the Internet and Email, at setting up accounts (e.g. Yahoo ~ Not bank accounts), they should also be competent at basic file management skills and if at all possible be able to copy and paste text, files, and images. If in any doubt please contact me using the contact link above.


Lesson Contents


Settling in and introduction (20 minutes discussion)

Why a website isn't enough and What is Social Media (20 minutes, discussion)

An explanation of what Social Networks are on the Internet, a basic history , why are they so popular and how do they work.


How might it help you (20 minutes discussion)

How many followers do you have and how much interaction do you have with them?

Quantity or quality

How can you develop an appropriate audience?


Break for 30 minutes


Is It Just Hype? (20 minutes discussion)

How it works.

(Cross linking and the drawing in system)
(20 minutes discussion)

Do you want an audience? (20 minutes discussion)

Is it just about money, if so then are there revenue streams? Does it pay to give some stuff away?



Old Marketing Meets New.

What's the difference? (20 minutes discussion)

Platforms (20 minutes discussion)

What's the difference between them?
Let's take a look at the main ones and sign up to them


A quick overview of friend and Like pages

Set up accounts (20 minutes discussion);


BREAK 20 minutes


Twitter (15 minutes discussion)

Set up account (15 minutes discussion)

A Brief Look at:

Linkedin; Wordpress and Youtube,
There are others but let's just have a quick look and leave them for another time (Flickr, Redbubble, Myspace, Friends Reunited, Digg, Reddit) (15 minutes discussion)

Work load (5 minutes discussion)

What would you have to do to get results

Future courses overview (5 minutes discussion)

Wind down and feedback (5 minutes)



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