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Merry-Go-Town - live version

Dance This Way - Live Version

Going With Time

Big Fast Car

Little Stars

Dark To Out Of View

And I'll Dance

Flying Over My Life


Sunday Morning

Closing Doors



Sat by the fireside

Russian Roulette

Cool Breeze and Turn Around riverside jam with Greg 11 august 2005.mp3

8 simon and charlie jaming 20 9 05 1.
(The lines around your mind )
(In the meantime I'm a waiting)

8 simon and charlie jaming 20 9 05 2.mp3 not written up

Freedom (no lyrics and pretty crap music)


Non recorded lyrics

Keep keep on running

Well the end is near

Morning Glory

I Hate Waiting For You

You tell me that you chose me










Merry-Go-Town - live version

Word version

26/04/2005 © Simon Smith 2005 London

C Em x4

C Em
Been walking these dirty streets
C Em
For a long time you see
C Em
Still don't mean nothing to me
C Em
But I've been longing for so long

C Em
Been walking these streets a long time
C (A2d2E3)
But they still don't play no songs in my mind


The grey clouds above don't whisper
Sweet nothings of love to me
C Em
C Em
Nothing of love for me

C Em
Was walking these streets a long time
C Em
They don't travel far in my mind

The grey clouds above don't whisper
Sweet nothings of love to me
C Em
C Em
Nothing of love for me

C Em

When I sleep I dream of

F(A3D3g2b1) Em

C Em
Riding on the fields of my life

C Em
Riding bare back through the summertime

The grey clouds above don't whisper
Sweet nothings of love to me
C Em
C Em
Nothing of love for me

Am Em
Your love can come and go
C Em
But it ain't gonna show round here babe
C Em
It ain't gonna show round here babe

F(A3D3g2b1) Em
So come kiss me gently girl
F(A3D3g2b1) Em
Get me from the streets of this world

The grey clouds above don't whisper
Sweet nothings of love to me

C Em
Nothing of love for me

C Em
Nothing of love for me

C Em
Nothing of love for me

Dance This Way

(Jam with Simon, Jackie and
Greg playing with “Dance That Way”)



Tune the guitar to c#

Am F
It does not matter that you aren't there

For every thing………… is anywhere


Everything that dies comes to sleep in dreams

The bright sun light shines

I dance this way I dance that way

F Am
The view for a second through the beams


The heat reaching up I'm scared of the fear

How many hands have passed across your face my dear

Am F Failing light failing life

Words insight

I dance this way I dance that way

Through the beams of light touching our skin
Am C F
Somewhere in the dark I feel you
Reaching in………….
to me


I dance this way I dance that way

F Am
The view for a second through the beams


The heat reaching up I'm scared of the fear

How many hands have passed across your face my dear

Am F Failing light failing life

Words insight

Am F
Am F
Am F
Am F Fade out



Going With Time


I lay there through the night

Your hand in mine

Holding me so tight

I didn't need to know

If you'd come or go

I didn't need you to

Show me anything

But the time's changed

Sleeping time arranged

Living with you was putting me

Out of my mind

Out of my mind


You wanted me to run to you

You wanted me to say we were through

But the time's are gonna go

Just the way they know

But the time's are gonna go

Just the way they know

Will you fill me with

The destiny I need

Will you fill me with

A mind I can conceive


And every time you go away I know

That my life is emptier

For the time that you're away

Every time I see you

I know

That it might be the last time

That I ever show you

Our love in my eyes

In my eyes

Come and go

But darling

You know it's just a matter of time

Till my eyes go dim

And our love becomes blind


Will you guide me through the night time

Will you walk away and not know I have gone

Will you listen to the words

That I sing to you

In the kisses of this song


Oh well the sun shines

Upon your face

Fills me with the feelings

Of desire

Like your skins on fire

I will you cool your burning feelings

I will cool you through the night

When your hand is holding me so tight

So tight

So tight

So tight

So tight

So tight


Little Stars


Used to be the way we were

Happy go lucky little stars

Every time we'd turn our way

Every time was another day


Now you want to

Take me to your heart

Now you want to

Never leave me alone


We used to be happy go lucky

Used to be little stars

Used to be everybody

New every part

Café society

Would never let us be


Come one summer

People were dancing in the square

I looked on

You were unaware


A million people sit together

Waiting for the sun to shine

Listening for their last words

To echo for all time





Big Fast Car


It doesn't matter than you're not here now

You don't call to tell me where you are

You're in my mind as I drive my car

A speeding in my car


I will call you

When you're happy dreaming

You lay awake

My head to rest

Our heads together

You're not dreaming

I reach out

But you're not there


You're sleeping 6000 miles away

Can you feel me

Oh my head to pray


It doesn't matter than you're not here now

You don't call to tell me where you are

You're in my mind

As I drive in my big fancy car


You're sleeping 6000 miles away

Can you feel me

Through your haze

Can feel me

Reaching out to touch you

In my big fast car


I'm thinking about you

In your big fast car




Dark To Out Of View


I woke up and I was lonely

So I thought I would think of you

Upon a boat in dreamy waters

Of my sleep

You were sleeping too

Drifting out of view


Sometimes love comes and it…

Sometimes love goes and it …

Sometimes life is cheerful

And sometimes it is blue


And I'm not with you anymore

I'm staring at closed doors

I'm staring at the closed doors of love


I was lying in bed and lonely

I thought I don't want no more blues

I turn away from your pillow

“One more time”, again and again

I need to leave you

Leave you well alone

But you're there

In every echo of my heart

Every echo of the phone

Every time the light goes out

I see you face

Out of place

Every place I look

That's all I see

I want you to get away from me


I want you to get away from me

Love it comes and goes

Like colours from a rainbow

From red to blue

And dark to out of view

Wish I couldn't see you

Wish I'd lose my love of you

Wish I knew our heart

Were no longer

One but two

Wish I could leave you alone

But I hear you in every echo

Of the phone

Every time the light goes out

I see you face

I know it's time to go

But I don't want to go

I don't want to let you go right now

I'll keep you till the time feels right

Then I'll say goodbye

Time to stop myself from crying

Got to let our love die

Got to move on

Jam version




And I'll Dance


Love comes

Love goes

This world we all come to know

But when the singers run out of time

It's the time to get back on the line

And move through to where you want to go

Take the road and take your love


Loves comes to those

Who do not wait for it

There's no way to forsake it

You can give and take it


My heart has been crying to you

But there's nothing you can do

And I'll dance to the songs of the stars

And I'll dance to the horns of passing cars

And I'll dance to the tears that you cry

And I'll dance to the chants of goodbye


Do you know

That the fading light

Isn't always the beginning of the night

It isn't always the wrong or right

Isn't always the ending of the light


I will send you

My love

Through the night

I will send you

All my love

Through the night

And you'll come to me on a dream

When I do not seem to believe

To believe


My old man he never loved no one

He always was the number one

Left me at zero to keep

Well my old man pulled a gun

And I just stood there freezing under the sun

My old man he didn't love no one

Was always the number one




Flying Over My Life


Sometimes I fly over my life

And sometimes I see you lying there

And sometimes I see myself

Looking at you

Looking at me

And it hurts to see me cry for you

But you're gone

And the night feels wrong

As I fly above my life

And sometimes I swim to the depths of me

I find you lying there

So quietly

Reaching out to me

Reaching out to me


And sometimes I walk beside you

Through desert storms

My eyes are cut by sand



Russian Roulette


Cut me free

Let me drift away

If you don't want me here

I don't want to stay


This boat rides

Upon the tide of your goodbye


Your smile cuts across

The rips and tide

And I want to look inside

Your mind


I want to hold you tight

You'll whisper in the morning light

But all you'll say is

“It's a goodbye tide”

It'll take you the other side


Don't want me looking side your love

Don't want me looking inside your tears

Don't want me seeing your future years


I can remember your soft hello

Can remember how strong your love did grow

I can remember how you felt to me

As you whispered so gently


But the smell in the air

Of the cold despair that I feel

That this love could be real

Laid your hand the deal


You want to play Russian roulette

Or did you forget

Between the sheets you roll the dice

Between the sheets you rolled a life

In the morning you whisper goodbye

In the morning comes goodbye

Goodbye girl

Goodbye girl




We were always playing down on the riverside

Mary and me well we one time nearly died

But those times have gone

And you're a long, long way from me

Now I travel the world in search of Galilee


But you know that knowing a knowing point of view

And I don't know nothing now

Cos I know nothing is true

Knowing time has gone

Knowing something is wrong

Knowing that you are a long way from me

In every time and every place

In every time and every space

That I leave to my memory

Well I looked you upon
The net

But couldn't fish you out

And I remember how

You used to run your fingers through my hair

But that was along time ago

And the river doesn't flow

The clouds upon my brow

Are long gone anyhow


I don't know if you're even alive or dead

But you are still

In my mind girl

And though I can not find you girl

You are alive and well

In the memories I carry for you

Even though memories are never true

I keep the sky so blue for you


Cool Breeze - riverside jam 11 august 2005


Part 1


Well the cool breeze

Blows my love away

Takes my baby today

Oh the cool wind

It drives my love away

Sometimes I'm singing for you

It's gonna go away

It's gonna go away

Well that cool wind

It blows my love away


Gonna take something to remember

Gonna take you sometimes to forget you were you

But your heart mends

Even in a cool breeze

That keeps blowing over me


It's a cool breeze

That me blew me to your knees

That takes my love away

It's a cool breeze

That lost me


It's a cool breeze

That's been blowing through my needs

And it's taking my heart

A long way you know

And the summer sun is gone now

And the sky is full of clouds now

And I want you to know

That the cool breeze

It's a cool breeze

That blows through my needs

Taking my heart

To leave

Don't you ever wonder

What could have been between us

If you'd let go of your dreams


It's a cool breeze

Blowing through my needs

And the summer time has gone

And the sky has filled with cold


It's a cool breeze

Blowing through my needs

And I wonder where you sleep


And I wonder whose arms hold you tight


It's a cool breeze

That arches over our needs

That blows the clouds away

That keeps the dreams till day


Takes the love we had

And carefully pushes it away




Part 2

Turn Around


Why do I see your face

In the crowds of any place

Every time I drive away

It's your face in the parking bay


Why do you walk away

Knowing I want you to stay

Can't you see what it does to me

To know you'll never stay


A question may turn upon

The answers that I leave

And every time I look away

It's you who can't agree


At night I try to waken you

Got to get away

But every time I look around

It's your face that goes astray


A thousand dancers dance around me

Spinning slowly

Spinning fast

Every time I turn away

They march me in to my past


Well I know that your love has gone

And you don't care no more

Every time I look away

You're breaking down my door


Well the story books advise on roses

So I throw flowers in your hair

I turn around to see where they fall

But they're never there


Oh well I look across to your front door

To see if the light's on

I search the house I ring the bell

To find that you are gone


I show your picture to the postman

He's been programmed to believe

I turn around to call your name

But find that he can't read


And in the silence of confusion

I etch your face upon the lake

I turn around in full submission

But it's freedom that you take


Sat by the fireside


Sat by the fireside

Looked at your face in the light

Couldn't tell what was wrong or right

Kept on hearing your sighs

Sat next to you at the lakeside

Saw the sunlight on your eyes

Wanted to hold you tight

But I just didn't know what was right



Well the end is near

Well the end is near
That ain't what I want to hear
But I can feel it in every move we make
I can feel it in every beat of my heart that breaks
Against your breast

It makes me weak
To remember how you used to hold me
As close as we could be
But now you prefer to be free
Now I'm not the dream you'd hoped for
You don't want to love the mess that's reality

I read the words you wrote of us
When your love was strong about me
And I can't believe your feelings have fled
But it feels like you're gonna flee to be free

I loved you too much baby - an obsession well it ain't healthy
I gave enough love to make up for what you didn't give me
If you had said what you meant and meant what you said
Then I could have said this love was meant to be Heaven sent

But the balance of our love had no even keel
So we went around in circles
Until our love got too dizzy
For us to feel

So now the end is near
And I'm feeling cold fear
And in every hello I sense your goodbye
The end is oh so clear

09 May 2005


Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning comes

And look out my window

Sun is shining and people come

Everywhere I turn I see you and “me”s

And in the window on the balcony

Come to me now

Coz I held you through the night

Come with me and it'll be alright

Every time I hold

I feel a shiver down my spine

Every time I'm with you

I feel oh so fine


Come Monday morning

Make my way to work

People surround me

But all I see is your face in front of me

All I see is your love for me


Monday night I'm in your arms and held so tight

Can not let this love linger or say goodbye

Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be working

But all I'll be thinking is

“me and you”


Thursday night we'll meet for dinner

I will drink to your happiness

Friday night we'll be together

In states of undress

It's the best

It's the best


Saturday night comes

Every thing will be done

Saturday night will be fun

We will be one

Through the night

Holding you tight

Till Sunday comes alive

Comes alive


“Charlie and me” jamming on the 20 th September 2005



Part 1

The lines Around Your Mind


I walk away with my sack on my back

You were going round


In the old town

It's your town


I travel far and I travel wide

Every body leaves or dies in my life

I won't wait to see where you'll be going


I didn't need to know if you'd be leaving

But love can come from anywhere

I didn't need to have a heart that cares

I didn't believe in looking for

I just believed in searching for the truth


So I'll be leaving you with the truth


Well if the rain comes to follow me

I'll take shelter where we used to be

Where your love came in the middle of the night

You know it's right

As it ties its lines around your mind


Part 2


I'm waiting by your car

I'm waiting for peace of mind

In my heart


Because I'm waiting for love

It's gonna

I'm gonna feel love for you


In the meantime

I'm a waiting for your car

I'm a waiting for you to start

I'm a waiting to goi to my heart

Coz I'm a waiting





Part 3

Just chatter and strumming then breaks in to Creedence Clearwater Revival 's “ Bad Moon Rising



I haven't been able to find any recordings that match the lyrics below


Morning Glory

I was chilling out eating chilli chicken
at the Chop-Chop bar as the sun came down
My friend kept footsyin' me for fun
but I didn't get a kick from it cos u weren't around

The city sun is sliding westwards
and I know it's going down on you somewhere
But I wish it was me sliding down your body
Your arms touching my back as I kiss your hair

At night I lay in my big empty bed
Memories come to keep me up
And as the dark fades to light and the birds start a singing
I'd take a sup of love from your cup

Well the morning air smells as fresh as the silence
That fades to the chorus of the calling birds
But all I want on my waking lips
Is the taste of our love and the grace of your hips

In my life I've loved a whole load of women
But none have touched me as deep as you do
I'd like to sleep but the morning chorus
Fills my dreams with the sound of you





Closing Doors

© Simon Smith 01/05/2005

I feel like you've given up
At night I wait for your goodnight call
But you ain't calling me before you sleep
You ain't hardly calling me at all

You used to want to come and see me
But now my weekends are sadly too free
You used to want to sleep by me
Now there's an empty echo of what used to be

I can't tell if you're here or gone
You can't tell me if it's right or wrong
I don't know what it's like in your shoes
But you tell me that your minds all too confused

I've been trying to find a new world
One where you're hardly here at all
But my heart yearns for the old world
Where you'd reach out when I call

I know it ain't right to cling on to the old days
I know if I let go I'll find a better new way
But what we had felt so good, felt like a dream come true
Now dreams aren't real but at the time your love felt like you do
Your love felt like you do

I know we spend so long looking at closed doors
That those opened could have helped us move on a little more
I know that everything must come to pass
But what has gone I felt would last
I know it was hard at times but if it's love then it ain't hard lines
If it's love then you deal with hard times if it was love then you'd still be mine.


You tell me that you chose me
That you fell in love and want to be with me
I can feel it in your dreams
You reach out in the night and hold me

But you are like the sea
Sometimes calm and serene
Sometimes dark and stormy
With secrets held beneath that I can't see

When you met me I stood on the shore
Straight and strong in the evening light
But I have sailed upon you
And now my grip is less than tight

Loving you gives me sea legs
You want me to stand strong
But your waves have cast a light upon me
That makes my shadow long

The tide is turning, we feel the change
The air is still upon my lack of light
I am stranded in the midst of you
No easy way of turning back tonight

18 03 2005


Keep keep on running

2005 02 25

Don't walk away
Keep the flow
The night
And keep the day
Cos i don't know
Why the sun shines

Cos i don't know
Why the sunshines


Yourself from falling
Don't fall this way
Don't take your love away

Keep keep calling
Life says the same
But if you run then
Keep flying and walking
Everything comes your way
And you will stay
And you'll stay
And you will stay

Keep your driving
Don't turn away
Keep keep your driving fast
Don't run away
Don't run away
Just go to the night at the edge of the day

Keep keep your loving
Don't throw me away
Take me in your arms and cry
Take me for the day
Cos i will run away
I'll run away

Keep keep your calling
Don't silence the phone
Don't walk away
I need you
You are my home

I'll keep running
Running to you
Through the day

Don't set me free
I'll keep you here
Your heart is here
But my mind ain't clear
And i can't run away
I can't run away

If our love binds our hearts
Then i won't bind your hands
If our love binds our hearts
Then we'll both understand
That we'll keep running
And keep running in to each others hearts

Keep keep me running
Don't walk away
Our love fills the stars
Our sun lights the day

I keep on keep on keep on running
Keep on running
Keep on running


I hate waiting for you
Life can feel that way sometimes
Looking out the widow too long
Unable to get on

Wish we could just get on painlessly
The hours pass by like a 12 mile train
And through every gap
I search for your face

These feelings started young for me
Week long gaps between being happy
Weak longing gaps
Between me and she

And when I wait for you
Not knowing when we'll next meet
Those old familiar painful feelings
Rise up inside and break upon me once more

But I love you I don't want to trap you
Your connection means you must be free
The pain of letting you go
Allows you to freely come to me