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Songs From 1993

Entitled was released in 1993. I hardly wrote any new songs during this period, concentrating on production instead. After the album was released the following few years were focused on performing live and it wasn't til 1994/5 that any new ideas were recorded. So whilst most of the songs on this page were written in 1990 they were "finished" in 1993, hence them being here.

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Lyrics below - Lyric titles are links to individual and downloadable mp3 files of the songs


Little By Little


This Is Me


To Forget You

Happy All The Time







(radio mix)

(You Don't Need Hands)

7 March 91


You say you'd rather die
Than end up looking like me
You say you think I'm brave
Because you think life's worse for me

But let me tell you
That you don't need hands
To live on your own
Or be a beautiful man

You don't need fingers
And you don't need feet
To feel a lover's passion
Or a sexual heat

Now I don't need your patronising money
I don't think your jokes are funny
I don't care if you once knew a man
Whose mother's brother didn't have hands.

I don't care for the way
Soci-At-Ease is so unfair
Now I don't care if you can't see my worth
As Iong as you're absent from my birth
I don't care if you don't understand
Until I come to you for your daughter's hand

Disability it's a part of life
You can't cut it out with a surgeon's knife
You can't keep paying to hide it away
Vive la difference, we like it that way

You don't need your limbs to break the law
Even if it ain't worth fighting for
You don't need me
To sing you the score

There's more to a man
Than a handful of lines
That'll give away the plan

These are the words of the oppressed
Victims of stigma and prejudice
So "vive la difference"
Don't ignore your ignorance

Oppression it's alive and well
The black man's still in chains
While the cripple's ring their bells
The women work so hard

For half the pay [Should it say no pay?]
While the TV tells us all it should be this way
Oppression it's alive and well
With bread and circuses
Our souls we sell
Oppression it's the law of this land
Written by and for the average man

You don't need a bunch of Nazis
When you've got misinformed
Political parties.

Accessibility, we need legislation
To see our brother's and sister's
On the streets of this nation.
Legislation means accessibility
Which in turn means social activity.
Integration is the best education
Which in turn means a better
Social situation.

Life is not fair goes hand in hand with
I don't care

People don't go to the circus any more
Because they feel so sorry
When the lions roar
But the freaks and the geeks
That brought the house down
Are escaping from their cages
To roam the streets of this town.


Little By Little

14 November '90

(Click here to hear the longer version)

Little by little I will go away
Little by little you will learn the lines
That you've got say, you've got to say
Little by little I will fall from view
Little by little I will lose you
Learn about a life without you

A place in my mind that I will go
A place in my life that you got to know
A scar in my heart that I'm proud to show
You said not to stay so we went with the flow

I've been taught about passion many a time
I've been taught about love and given the signs
I've been taught about the way we're meant to be
I followed the river and you flowed through me

There's a peace in my heart when you are near
It's something I love, something that's dear
It's something to lose and its loss I fear
The river is pure and the river is clear



24 Nov


Do you ever wake from dreams
Where you fall in love
Do you ever go to sleep
And not want to wake up?

Do you ever feel like
A cog on a wheel
Moved around by
The force of evil?

Do you ever talk of devils
Then try to hide
The angels and devils
That you keep inside?

Do you ever put up
A vicious fight
When you know all along
That you're not right?

Feels like evil
Yeah that's evil
Do you ever
Wake from dreams?


This Is Me

15 March '90

Now I don't know if how I feel
Was born of dreams or to die for real
I've got this feeling deep inside
I'm longing for you to hold me tight

0h hold me tight

Like a poet in the garden
Sleeping by a pool
Of tears he stole
With a joke so cruel

0h tell me lies

Now I don't know if I'm strong or weak
To let my heart so openly speak

But this is me

Oh tell me lies

But this is me

But this is ME!

I'd like to tell you the truth
That my heart beats hard for you
I'd like to tell you the truth
That my heart beats fast for you

Now can't you see that all I have to do
Is open my mouth
And say the wrong thing to you
Now can't you see that all I have to do

Is open my heart
And say the wrong thing to you
And I will never see you again
I will never see you again.

Oh call it a day

This is me this is me
I am more than you see
Don't Tell Me Lies
0h tell me lies





Happy All the Time

July 90

(click here for the "karaoke" instrumental version)

You cannot judge the man by the funeral
You cannot judge a man at all
You cannot hold a precious thing forever
One day you've got to let it fall

I cannot keep you happy all the time
I cannot say "I'm yours and you're mine"
I cannot say, "I'll love you forever"
But you know I'll keep you in my mind.

We cannot understand all our feelings
I cannot say I know how you feel
We cannot empathize in every way
But understanding helps the scars to heal.

Now they can not do what isn't right for them
They can only help when it suits their needs
They cannot do what they do not want
If they want they'll laugh while you bleed

She cannot say what's right for her is right for him
They cannot search for meaning without pain
She suffers his light heart life for too long
Now he laughs at her as she takes him back again
You and I cannot deny the judging that we do
When we stand so proud in these justice halls
I used to think these walls could hear
But now I know it's just these eyes have walls.




28 October 90


When I was a child in need of material things
The local politician would his camera man bring
Him and the local charity would help me
Help them get some free publicity
Now I've seen some jokers and roller skaters
On charity runs run right past us
I felt so sorry because they didn't understand
They thought handicapped meant cap in hand
And you thought disabled meant unable

Since Johnny's tragic accident

When of course it means that we've been

He's been


And I was told that it was no one's fault
And I was told to be grateful
For anything they bought
But I've never seen the working class
Licking out the rich kid's ass
Or brushing the dust off the politician's coat
For getting them their rightful vote
So I don't think that I should be grateful
For the way you make me feel disabled
No I don't think that I should be grateful
For the way you add "dis" to able

Plato said he'd rather be dead

Than a man without a hand
But I'd rather be me than him any day
Because he just couldn't understand


 Now I don't think that you should be allowed

To feel good for what you've done
Oh what you done,

What you done, oh what you done?

'Cause when it comes to understanding

Here's the point of the story!

It takes more than a charity run
When it comes to change
It takes more
Than a program packed with fun
When it comes to brotherly love
It takes more than a sentimental song

0h sing it to me

More than a million pounds
That the last event wrung

That's handkerchief's full of teardrops
Not door bells or telephones [telethons]
Disabled is a euphemism for
Victims of a social apartheid
You better believe it baby'

* Apologies to Plato who probably didn't say that he'd rather be
dead than not have any hands. Unfortunately Aristotle, who did
say near enough the same thing, was a bit of a mouthful, so
Plato was the next best philosopher who, in syllabic terms at
least, was more appropriate

. Simon Smith


To Forget You

8 January '91 Simon Smith

Somewhere a long way from your home
I was lying on a bed alone
I was thinking that I should not miss you
I should forget you
But I close my eyes and all I see
Is your face looking at me.
I touch your mouth
And I kiss your eyes
Oh you touch me
And I could happily die
Oh you touch me
And I could happily die.
Is it a lie that I tell
Is it a lie that I hide behind
Is it a dream
That haunts my heart sometimes.
Somewhere in the past
We were driving fast too far
I held you like I loved you
In the back of a speeding car
They say it's the end of the road
And you're looking for another man
Is it a case of
My mind
Not my heart
That understands.


It's hard to forget you
It's hard to go away
It's hard to forget you
It's hard, so hard, so hard
To go away
Looking at the sea in darkness
We were lovers for the night
I could hold this feeling forever
But I'm blinded by a lack of light
Are you shying from a love that hurts
Or have your feelings for me
Faded like a dream in the night
A dream in the night.
You said "don't love me baby"
You said you won't offer what you'll take
But I want to dream sleeping in your arms
But you'd rather I stayed awake
Was it what you wanted
Or was it a mistake
Are you the lover I want
Or is it just another mistake?
It's hard to forget you
It's hard to go away
It's hard to forget you
It's hard, so hard, so hard
To go away.


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