Studio Flat

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Studio Flat

With its own entrance from the seafront, this self contained studio apartment includes an ensuite bathroom, kitchenette, central heating (set to come on during non working hours - If you do shift work and need the heating on outside these hours you may have to pay more), single day bed, standard heating and hot water included for normal usage, metred electricity, 2 wash and dry loads per week (by arrangement as the laundary facilities are upstairs in my area) and wifi for £520 per calendar month. The Studio is let under a Resident Landlord agreement and is only available for working, non smoking, quiet and responsible tenants. (Please see contact below)





Below are some maps that show the
approximate location of the property.












So that'll hopefully give you an idea of what the property looks like.


Now here's the contract, it may vary to suit both landlord and renter by agreement, but does give a good idea of the terms and conditions.

Please have a good read through it if you're interested in viewing the room, especially the "rules" bit.

Copy of contract

Rent and conditions

RENT: Your rent from __/__/____ will be £___ per week.


The rent is to be paid weekly or monthly in advance. .

Standing charges for the Electricity, Gas, Water, Wifi and Council Tax will be met by the owner
The sum of £20 per week from your rent is your contribution towards the bills, except electricity which is metered and charged at the rate set by the supplier. Any increase in the bills over this amount caused by your usage will be chargeable.

The owner shall provide a television license for the property.

The owner shall be responsible for all repairs not caused by the paying guests.
All repairs shall be carried out in "reasonable time".


Proof of Identity

Before signing the contract you may be asked to provide proof of your identity. You must also provide a passport type photograph of yourself. Details of your next of kin should be provided and may be checked.

DEPOSIT: Once you have signed this contract you will pay a deposit equivalent to 4 weeks rent. This will be refundable upon vacation of the property although deductions will be made for any damage or breakage's that have not been previously replaced or rectified.

Before entering into this contract an inventory of items belonging to the owner in this property must be checked, agreed upon and signed for. Any damage should be noted at this point by either party so that responsibility can be attributed correctly.

NOTICE TO QUIT 4 weeks notice to leave is required. The deposit can not be used in lieu of rent during the last weeks of your stay.


The following conditions apply and you agree to abide by them. You could be given notice to leave if you do not comply with any of them.

1. Your residence in my house is considered as having the status of "paying guest". Your accommodation is considered to be as permanent as you wish, provided your rent and utilities are paid on time and are not in arrears, and you agree to comply with the following conditions. Limitations apply see section 5. The owner reserves the right to give notice to quit at any time without giving any reason.
2. Rent must be paid on time. If it is not kept in advance you will be served notice-to quit in writing. If after seven days from the day the rent is due in advance no rent has been received and no gesture to continue residency as a paying guest is made, then your position as a paying guest will be terminated immediately.
3. As your status is that of "paying guest" your rights to remaining resident in this property are extremely limited. It is strongly advised that you understand your legal position before entering in to this contract. As a paying guest you can be evicted without a court order and normally with notice equivalent to the time that rent is paid. In certain situations (e.g. violent behavior or behavior likely to cause damage or risk damage to the property or others resident within the property) eviction can take place without notice!
4. You will be given 2 months notice of any rent or utility increases that may occur.
5. You may be given 28 days notice to leave without any reason. If any violent acts (not including self defense) are made by yourself, your guests or associates, against the property or anyone in it, or associated with it, you can be evicted immediately and a months rent plus any damages will be subtracted from your deposit.
6. You must, upon signing this contract, provide a valid passport, your next of kin's address and phone number and your previous address details for the last 3 years.
7. You confirm that you are of good character and are legally able to reside in the United Kingdom. You may be given notice to leave if any of these guarantees are found to be untrue.
8. You may not take on loans or credit cards using this address as your permanent residence . If you wish to use this address in a credit transaction then permission may be given, however further information will be required.
9. No pets are to be kept in the property without prior permission in writing from the owner.
10. No Children below the age of 16 may reside at this property without prior permission from the owner.

11. You will keep all parts of the above address that you use clean and tidy and report any defects immediately.
12. Your room and all internal communal areas must be kept in a sanitary and hygienic condition.
13. You will not keep or allow to be kept any illegal items or drugs or other illegal substances at the above address.
14. You will be responsible and liable for the actions of any of your guests or visitors to the above address.
15. You are limited to having any one-guest stay over night to 3 nights per month and any further use of the property by the same or any other of your guests will be chargeable at a fee of £5 per night. Any guest may only visit or stay by agreement of the other parties in the property or owner.
16. The owner does not accept any liability for loss or consequential loss resulting from theft occurring at the property.
17. Parties will not be allowed at this property. The maximum amount of guests of the entire resident paying guest in the house at one time may not be greater than 8 people.
18. If you lose the keys to the property you will be liable for the cost of having the lock changed and 10 copies of the key made.
19. If you wish to decorate any area of the property you must get permission from the owner beforehand. And may be asked to return the décor to it's original state when your residency comes to an end, or pay for the décor to be returned to its original state.
20. If you make holes in the walls, ceiling, or floors you may be liable to rectifying the surfaces to their original state when your residency comes to an end.
21. This is a no smoking house.
22. No candles are to be used within the property unless there is a power cut, even when this situation occurs it is advisable to use torches.
23. You may not sublet any area of the property without prior permission from the owner in writing.
24. Respect for the privacy, property and associates of all neighbours of this property must be shown at all times. If the neighbours to this property are disturbed unnecessarily by any "paying guest" notice to quit may be given. Attention must be paid to noise levels especially after 9pm at night until 9 am in the morning both within the property and when entering or leaving the property.
25. Parking restrictions are enforced during certain times of the day, please observe these carefully.
26. An alarm is fitted within the property, if you are the last person to leave the property you are responsible for switching it to "armed" mode.
27. Passing on information that may jeopardize the security of the property or its inhabitants is forbidden. This includes making copies of any of the keys to the property and passing on the alarm code or keys to anyone, including friends or partners, without written permission from the landlord.
28. Any physical, verbal or written bullying of other members of this household is forbidden. The owner aims to provide a "homely" atmosphere therefore it is strongly recommended that all "paying guests" err on the side of respect in their dealings with one another.
29. Any sexist, racist, homophobic, disablist abuse or harassment between any members of this household will not be tolerated.
30. If any outstanding moneys are owed to the owner in relation to this contract upon vacation of the property by the "paying guest" then legal action may follow to recover such debts. Any legal expenses incurred may have to be met by the "paying guest" too.
31. Any complaints regarding the actions of any other "paying guest" or "the owner" should be made in writing as soon as possible after the relevant incident has occurred.
32. In the event of a robbery or natural disaster or any other occurrence for which responsibility can not be attributed to the owner no liability is given.


34 Upon vacating the property you will be required to have the room cleaned professionally.

I have read the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them







Witnessed by:





If you're still interested then please call Simon.