Nina's Pictures

9th january 2004

Nina Strudwick holds an exhibition of her drawings at the Masbro Centre in London

Below are pictures from the private view including examples of her work.


Nina on the right
Nina on the right


the ant will bring tidings

Nothing beyond the sky

It is written





I hear you watching

ever changing constancy

Embracing the wall

ah me baboo

he loves how i love it

Panorama of the private view

Couple looking at Nina's pictures


nina crouching down to talk to 2 children looking at her pictures
"What's that snakey thing auntie Nina?"

People at the private view talking

Calendar girl
This woman did Nina's calendar, but I did this photo because I thought she was pretty.

nina talking to a couple
The lady in pink thinks the old "point the glasses in one direction while looking in an other"
will stop people realising she's looking at the penis in the picture. Not so!
The woman in the background however doesn't care what anyone thinks
and is having a jolly good look thankyou.

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