I have often come across many websites that offer something seemingly for free, which I then found had to be paid for at the very last moment. I really find this very hard to take especially when it is something that might help lots of people. It appears help is often only available for those who can afford it.

I try to make nearly everything I do in the digital domain available for free, however this means that in order to survive I have to work in fields outside of my creative zone. Therefore I've decided to make this option available for those of you who appreciate my work and wish to help me focus more on it, rather than having me use up my time and energy on other endeavours to survive financially.

If you wish to make a small donation, even a very small one, it will help, and in return I aim to create and make available for free at least one album's worth of downloadable music each year, as well as many hi-resolution photographs / prints of paintings, videos and reams of writing.

To make a payment please use the button below. Thank you.


































































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