Written work


Song Lyrics pre 2000
By Simon Smith




Sometimes I drive the long way home
I like the feeling of driving alone
Sometimes I stop at the riverside
Watch kids doing dances that I never tried.

"She lay back
Her lips were plastic red
She was an Angel
So I tried playing dead"

The kids were dancing around the slide
The police were giving tickets for a ride
And you were trying not to conceal
That you don't feel, you don't feel,
That you don't feel real

The sirens are screaming like justice with a gun
"I may have been wrong, but I had a lot of fun
The ends may not always justify the means
Excuse me a minute, but I've got another street to clean"

I know that the sun will no longer set in your eyes
I wish we had some time to say hello, and kiss goodbye. (Rpt)


Guitar chords
G/F/C/ double rhythm


Stop Calling

There's a house
Where your image is spinning
Don't you point that camera at me

There's a car that's lost control
Out on the open road
Where once you made love to me

You owe me nothing but the right to life
So lay down and put away that knife
You owe me nothing but the right to die
So lay down and kiss away the night

There's a fairground in the desert
A man who love's to fall
A lie I never told you
When you thought you'd heard them all.

Oh stop calling
That's all you've done today
Somewhere out on that open road
Someone will pass your way

There's nothing precious any more
Nothing virgin, nothing pure
I'm searching for lost causes
And a heart of gold
Worth crying for.

Simon Smith February 1991


The Dangers Of Loving You€

Where am I
Am I in your head?
What colour am I
Almost a blood red?
You could have chosen a colder man
Almost the silent spirit sang

For a woman I'd rather leave alone, you've warmed me to the bone
For a person who scares me, for a person who scares me
You've weakened me,
Oh you've weakened me.

Is it the thrill of the fear
Is it the beauty of holding you near
Is it a case of hard to reach
Is there poison in this Holy feast
Is there poison in this feast.

So many unresolved amourettes
A case of never really met
And best
To forget

Sometimes I take a dangerous risk
In holding my heart to your gentle kiss
Sometimes I take
A dangerous risk.

And my body is aching
And I'm all confused
But it's a cycle of events
That I always choose
An action paragraph
That's been
Cut in

So I question the speed and I wonder if it's lust
'Cause I never really know what's going on between us

I could look for you in a lonely life or two
But there's something about a chase that obliterates your face
So it's a case of theft or a price to pay

For a woman I'd rather leave alone, you've warmed me to the bone
A person who scares me, for a person whose weakness scares me
You've weakened me, oh you've weakened me.

So let me tell you that it's not always enough
It's not enough to be told
And I told you and I told me too
But I forgot to tell all of me
About the dangers of wanting you
About the dangers of loving you

29.10.1990 Simon Smith



The Devils Whore

There's people in the world
Who want to
Destroy me and you
There's people who want to
Break the beautiful old
And the beautiful few
There's people
Who'll fight a war
And wear the garter
Of the devils whore

There's people who try to explain their behaviour
There's people who'll wait for the work of the saviour
They'll be sitting in their pious places
Hailing Mary and their saving graces
But I don't know if we exist after death
I don't know if we'll be judged
But God if you can hear me
Please have mercy on this dark soul of mine

I can not pretend to be so good
And my honesty is no saving grace
I am not so honest that I can have
Just one suit and just one face

Oh I'm not beautiful
And my soul is not so old
And though I've been a whore
The devil's no longer my madam
But we've done some deals
And she holds me still
To these old seals

And the gang is always there
Sitting by the shores of death
The devils whores of death
The devils whores of death

25.5.1990 Simon Smith


When I was a child in the garden of Eden

Written by Simon Smith in April 1991

When I was a child in the Garden of Eden
Dancing naked around the tree
In the moment it takes for life to go
You said hello then goodbye to me.

You said that you were sorry

So I lived my life with an aching inside
And the bitterness of a love that loved then died

Old man sing me the song you sang
And a black sky fell upon the garden

An old black crow struts around the stones
Eating at my heart 'till I stand alone
And the light above the trees gently faded by the rain
Veils upon veils upon my eyes again
And the land's overcast by a bruise of blame
So if I dance naked 'round here
I dance in shame

Living a life or loving a lie
You came to me so I moved away
I'm dancing a bruise
Inside me.


Electric Words

There's a man waiting outside
I think he's waiting to die
I asked him to come in
Maybe eat something
But he just stood and cried

My feet are lead
My heart is stone
Help me
To stand alone

Well the T.V. man he laughed
When the preacher man he cried
Well that preacher man he looked at the camera
Said " See You on the other side "

The smoke and the birds
Settle on electric words
That the satellite sends
I thought I saw you
confetti in the grave yard of my friends.

Help me to love you
Help me be alone
'Cause my feet are lead
And my hearts been thrown
Help me
To stand alone.

Well the street where I live
Is full of lonely door men
Fighting for their rights

The smoke and the birds
Surround Electric words
That I'm singing tonight.

Help me to love you
'Cause I'm willing to learn
My heart is ice
And my soul is cold
But I'm waiting to burn.

Simon Smith 11.2.1991


The First War

The first war was with my mother
I lay down on a heart of stone

There's words you said to your lover
That left you standing all alone

Now you're looking at me like I stole your soul
Like I've pinned your hopes

To an old Voodoo doll

Well it's a haunting dream that comes to me
A gentle kiss that makes me guilty
I don't want to know
I don't want to feel you go
But I've a deadly sin that I try to hide
I don't know if you're bleeding baby
But you're a victim of my pride

Standing in the door way
Holding each other tight
Love will come to those who wait
But I'm losing my patience tonight

Oh the moon falls no higher
Than your hand on my eyes
It's a house full of songs
And a bed full of lies
I don't want to know
I don't want to feel you go
But you're screaming in a room
And you're all alone
It's a motion of your heart
That cuts me to the bone

Simon Smith 30.1.1991


The Sky Is A Beautiful Grey And Blue

The love of a woman and the love of a man
The love of a child and the lie of the land
The love of the people and the touch of your hand
The love for a person who you half understand

The sky is a beautiful grey and blue
I've got this sense of peace from the breeze
May be it'll pass over you
May be you'll catch my thoughts
And you'll be pleased
I've got this sense of you

From the breeze

The blue in your eyes and your body on mine
The things that you said on the telephone line
The kisses you gave me were the soul loving kind
But there's something we lost and there's someone to find

I've seen some friends today and we had a good time
I'm alone now but  I'm feeling fine
It's true I miss you

But the sky is a beautiful grey and blue

The cool of the evening
The highs and the lows
The cool of the morning
Goodbyes and hellos
The traitor within me who takes me away
Away from your soul in the warmth of the day.

I created some things today,
Not as good as that blue and grey
But that's O.K.
I did it 'cos I love it and I love the blue and grey
I'm feeling so lucky that it passed this way.

The heat of the night the heat of the noon
The coldness of the mourning, that death came too soon
The planting in springtime and the burial at sea
The soul loving kind that comes back to me

The sky is a beautiful grey and blue
I've got this sense of peace from, the breeze
May be it will pass over you
May be you'll catch my thoughts and you'll be pleased
I've got this sense of peace from, the breeze

30.6.1990 Simon Smith


It's half way through the week

It's half way through the week
There's letters still unsent
It's half way through the month
I'm still owing on the rent

There's a tide coming in
There's water at my feet
The visitors book is full
There's a lover still to meet.

She's stepping in puddles
In an early morning street.
She thinks our chance has gone
And the finder always keeps.

The cinematic kiss
The silence of retreat
The smell of the shore
After months at sea
A life of loss leaders
Are coming home for me.

"What could have been
May never be."

3.1990 Simon Smith


The Shock Of Love

I am close to you
I am kissing you
I am inside of you

Oh I wish I knew where I was going
Then I'd tell you where I am
I'd send a message through these eyes
With details of the plan.

I'd hold you in the water and cleanse your brow of pain
I'd lie down in the grass and count my share of blame

Oh let me feel the blood of life
Break even with the light of day
Let me feel the action of your soul
Blow a breath of you this way.

Let me feel the shock of love break ice on this lake of blood
Let secrets be denied while we make love under silent skies

So as the dusk falls down on me
Let me feel your shadow burn brightly
Let me feel your mouth touch mine
Let me feel a shudder run through time

Simon Smith 26.2.1991





I've got a song, I'm gonna sing it,
About the wrong and how you did it,
So place your sights upon my heart,
Squeeze the trigger as our lips part

Eden, Gethsemanie,
Dance in circles as I climb the tree,
If I fall it was never to be,
I'll get up after ten "Hail Mary's".

I know you'll be lying on a bed alone,
I know you'll be waiting by the telephone,
I know you've been waiting a long long time,
I know you'll be placing your mouth to mine.

"Don't wait for me you know it's been too long,
Can't turn your right in to my wrong."

Let's go out in to the dark,
And sing to stars of broken hearts,
Let's cleanse our minds in Eden’s streams
And dream of things we've never seen.

Deep mysterious blue, that's where I found you,
Sleeping out on the cool still lawn,
Your body naked in the light of the dawn.

Love comes today then blows away,
Drive to the dream town, drive on down.

You're gonna see today
The way our love was thrown away,
You're gonna hear today
The words the devil likes to say.

Love comes and goes
And how the wind blows,
Drive right on down,
Park your heart in the dream town.

Through the flames of a midnight fire,
You took my breath away,
The flick of your fingers,
The moment lingers.

"Don't wait for me you know it's been too long,

Can't turn your right in to my wrong."
"My baby's on a desert track I don't think she's ever coming back,"
Hallucinations you can't walk through,
Guess I'm better off without you.

The vultures fly in the shape of a heart,
I walk in circles while you play the part,
I used to know what you wanted to be,
Now all you want is to be without me!

Hallucinations you can't talk to,
Guess I'm better off without you.

Through the scrap yards of a million cars
Resting in peace,
Love comes today then blows away,
Drive to the dream town, drive on down.

She brings to me an oasis smile,
I'd say no but I've been dying for miles
Could be my love is true,
Could be I'm better off without you.

It might have been the dreams I had when I was just a boy,
It might have been that love went bad, programmed to destroy.


The Old House

I want to drive back to my old house
It's the home of my dreams
So much love to lose
So many memories

I saw you sleeping in a dark room
Did you hear me in your dreams
I saw you walking in the garden
How many pleasures go unseen

Photos scattered on the lawn
Where you were pictured on
So much love and hate
Lived and died in this place

And this is the room where my mother was born
And over her head angels shone
Like dust that passes through the light
In dreams that still bless her heart tonight.

Dreams about the dream home
In springtime how the blosom blows
She said it's such a pretty time of year
It's a dream that comes and goes 'round here

Though there's more distance in a smile
Than stones and lies in a mile
It's a brick and mortar dream
That permeates these old remains

Simon Smith February 1991


The Pilot's Song

There's a look in your eye
That demands that I'm cold
You pray for me but you think I've sold my soul
We kiss in silence and you think your love's unheard
But it's an action of the heart that screams out every word

We're living in fear in these times of war
Hiding under the radar
Waiting for death to shoot us through floor
We're trying to find out what we're fighting for

It's time to test the weapons that we bought
We've planned out all our sorties
Now it's time this war was fought
It's time to put to use
The lessons we've been taught

It's no good learning from the T.V.
It's no good saying that you love me
It's no good holding a dream of you
It's a no way out situation
That'll leave my heart black and blue

I don't know how many people fell
Under the weight of my bombs
I don't know if what I did was right
Or if it's wrong

Through these desert lands at night
I will hold you tight
I will hold your memory
Below me blazing lights
I will pass them by

Simon Smith 17.1.1991




She said the words were beautiful
That I said about you
She said the words were beautiful
But I don't know if they're true

I think back to times
When I was alone
I think back to times
When I was alone
I think back to times

There's mystical lines on the face you drew
On the map of the land the sea
Where I was conceived
There's mystical lines
That pass between you and me

Now I've got a twin from another life
She said be calm take my arm
Hold on tight

Two men were talking
And I kissed your knee
We swam in blue waters
And they handcuffed me
They held me down
They held me down
They held me down
But I'm not sorry

You don't seem to move
But behind that strobe of light
You dance

I can feel you

The tears you cried found their way to me
Like crocodiles

Tied up
Set free

20.11.1990 Simon Smith