Paintings & Drawings

I spent my formative years in Paris, studying Ancient Archeology at the Ecole du Louvre where I became fascinated by etiologic Mythology and folkloric Arcana. Having received no formal training in the arts, I found my inspirations from years wandering the Louvre's legendary galleries absorbing composition and techniques, from the Symbolist and the Women Surrealist Movements, and later on from working as a life model at the Slade School of Art and the London Fetish scene.

My attic style of rubenesque females celebrates carnal fantasies. The chimeric entities seal a covenant between the Chthonian past and Nature's alchemy.

Paintings are oil on canvas, oil on wooden board and or mixed media (acrylic inks/watercolor/dry pigments) on paper or slate. Set in antique gilded frames, vintage and recycled frames.

Drawings are mixed chalk, charcoal and or pencil, graphite & clay, Conté crayons, wood ash, elderberry wash and root powders (gall oak, rhubarb, Madder, Nile indigo and fixatives) on acid free paper.

Sculptures are hand modelled out of nylon reinforced clay, thrice hardened with Newclay H1 and distinctly finished to a custom palette of linseed oil, yacht paints and various dry pigments.


'Cooltan Gallery',  Brixton, 1992

'Sh!', Hoxton Square's erotic emporium, 1994-1996

'La Maison des Artistes' November exhibition, London, 2007.

'Guild of Erotic Artists', 2009-2010

'Association of Erotic Artists' 2009-2010

Current member of 'La Maison des artistes' (Islington, London)